I am a singer/songwriter/Dork & Victim of momentum. Hail from NYC, The Bronx to be exact. Back & forth from NY to LA to around the way. A child of Tupac & Bruce Lee. a fan of Art, Comics, Anime, videogames, fashion, and Architecture, oh and MUSIC!! Writes Of The Round/WriteStream LLC. is what I rep, YEAP! oh and I'm INFJ

"Love, without a start, it never was, without a chance, abandons us, without a trace…."- Jordy Writes

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In the hospital LIKE A MUHFUCKIN G DOES IT!!! πŸ˜•πŸ˜žπŸ˜–
New York City, 1941
Oh. I see you tho.. Hear you too. I have many a child and not one pregnant woman, I made.
#rp @RobHillsr
Back in Paris you told me you were suicidal/ it’s not a vacation if I lose you to the Eiffel/ you’re gorgeous but you can’t fly..
#Logic #Murica #Merica
MESSAGE!! *Wayans bros voice*